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In many industrial and military areas of deployment electronic equipment and facilities are operated under very harsh environmental conditions. An unrestricted operation is only possible, when the mostly sensitive electronics is shielded from mechanic, electric, and thermic external hazards with an adequately designed housing.

Housing for 19-inch-technology


19″ LEO-alpha

The 19’’ LEO–alpha housing concept is applied with an intake of subracks, i.e. 19’’ insertions without lateral connectors. The attachment occurs via a freely swinging 19’’ rack screwed tightly to the housing or slid in via an oscillating frame (system integration outside the housing). The frontal and rearmost mounted frame* (Zarge) and especially also the lateral functional bays provide extreme form stability with simultaneous protection of spring-loaded handles, quick release clamps, displays, and other individually integrable functional elements. To avoid damage in transit all extension units are arranged within one contour.



With the compact 19’’ Scalergy-Tab comfortable and well controlled charging of up to 10 tablets is possible. A fully integrated, individually adjustable timer provides the time when charging hub and power supply unit are to be separate from the electric supply network.

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Housing for Embedded Systems



The EMBOX-Housing is an EMC-, water- and dustproof and – in dependence on use – a shock- and vibration-absorbing housing for the embedding of circuit boards and power supply units (IP67 protection type). An efficient cooling of the power electronics is ensured by cooling rips integrated in the sidewalls and in contact with the hotspots via thermopads. The entire housing consists of six milling elements (aluminium) employed specifically for use.


  • integrated EMC-protection
  • protection class up to IP69 possible
  • flexible height, width, and depth dimensions
  • mounting of normed and other boards like PICO-ITX, MINI-ITX etc.
  • integrated passive (fanless) or active cooling concept
  • customized ports incl. labeling (engraving)
  • wall bracket or mount for a lamppost